A wireless mouse makes work easier and increases a person’s productivity, how? It has shortcuts that help open documents or navigate from one application to another faster than keying in for access. AliExpress sells various wireless mice (plural for mouse). This blog guides buyers when buying the best mouse. It highlights tips for choosing one and the 5 best wireless mice to buy from this online platform.

Factors to consider when choosing a Wireless Mouse

Many folks often give little thought to their mice when looking forward to upgrading their computers. That’s because there is this theory that all mice are the same, which is not quite right. Mouse is one of the most used hardware with the PC. Therefore, you should not be stuck with the same scrap for years. Replacing the mouse improves your productivity and prevents wrist and finger damage. And mouse replacement means moving from the analog wired to a digital wireless mouse. So here are factors to consider when choosing a wireless mouse.

Shapes and Design

A mouse is meant for easy navigation on the PC. Therefore, its shape and design are important factors to consider when choosing one. A wireless mouse is smaller in size and portable. Additionally, it uses batteries instead of rechargeable micro-USB.

The shape of the mouse should match the natural contours of the user’s hand.

Should Fit the User’s Hands

Different mouse models have different hand orientations – that is, there are some for Left-handed people and others for Right-handed people. Also, different shapes prevent repetitive strain on the hand’s muscles.

Small mice (mouse) are ideal for individuals with small hands.

Mouse connectivity

A Wireless mouse connects to the computer’s Bluetooth or uses USB accessories.

The advantage of using USB accessories is that they can pair up to 6 devices using a single USB accessory.

Number of Buttons on the Mouse

Earlier models of wireless mice (mice) had two buttons, but with advanced technology, there are some with up to 8 buttons. These buttons help make it easier by mapping functions such as opening different media files and switching between windows. Additionally, these shortcuts help increase the users’ productivity.

Laser Sensor Mouse

Users can choose this type of mouse. It has precision when moving and can glide on any surface without accumulating dust. Laser-sensor mice are also ideal for gaming.

You can also look for extra features, especially if the mouse is for gaming. The features to be considered include PI adjustment, lighting, and lift-off tracking.

5 Best Wireless Mouse to Buy from AliExpress

The following is a collection of the best wireless mouse to purchase from Aliexpress:

Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse

This wireless mouse has a comfortable shape and design that helps increase productivity due to its contoured shape that follows the natural shape of one’s hand. The mouse is portable and wireless and can be used on both right and left hands.


Here are a few advantages of using the Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse

Compact design with good shape

The comfortable and contoured shape boosts your productivity as it follows the natural shape of your hand. Additionally, with its design, Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse fits well in your bag with a laptop.

Easy navigation and control

The mouse allows easy navigation with no missed clicks.

Cheap Logitech M220 Wireless Mouse from AliExpress

2 in 1 USB Mouse Jiggler

This mouse has a power on and off button that automatically turns the PC off without unplugging the USB. It also has the jiggler mode that causes an invisible cursor movement. Also, it features a smart memory that remembers the timer and mode selection. The mouse also features a monitor that keeps the PC on standby for long when idle. This gives the user enough time to return to a task without turning the computer on again.


Here are a few advantages of 2 in 1 USB Mouse Jiggler:

Easy to use

The mouse has a plug-and-play shaker. You need to connect it to the USB port and get started.

Widely application

The mouse can be used in a range of applications including, online class, game decisive, home office, remote operation, etc.

Compact designed

The mouse has a type C adapter, making it a perfect choice for interface computers.

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USB wire gaming 1000 DPI

This wireless mouse automatically keeps the PC active. The mouse is equipped with 3 buttons for easy navigation when gaming. Additionally, it has an advanced tracking engine that reduces speed-related accuracy variance.


Here are a few advantages of USB wire gaming 1000 DPI:


Its USB connectivity is compatible with many desktops

Easy to use

USB wire gaming 1000 DPI is compactly designed, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

Available in a wide variety

The mouse is available in Aliexpress in various shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can choose your favorite colors.

Bluetooth Mouse Computer Ergonomic Mini USB Mouse

As the name suggests, it is a silent wireless mouse. That means it glides without producing any noise.


The following are advantages of Bluetooth computer ergonomic mini USB mouse:

  • Portable
  • Compatible with windows 7 and 8
  • Works well on different surfaces such as wood or glass and has a wide rubber scroll that glides easily
  • Also, this mouse is fast and easy to operate

iMac USB 3.0

iMac USB 3.0 is a multi USB 3.0 HUB splitter mouse with 4 ports cables. The mouse has a USB connector that is easily paired with other devices. Additionally, it has an optical sensor, which tracks and controls any surface. It also has 4 buttons, making it easy to operate the PC, thus saving time.

The bottom line

A mouse helps to make the users’ work easier. This article has highlighted the 5 best wireless mice people can buy from AliExpress. It has also explained things to consider before choosing a mouse. This online platform is effective, and it ships products worldwide. Users can get the above-listed mice and many others from the AliExpress website. Users can also track the product they have ordered online.

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Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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