AliExpress is a one-stop online shop for various products, including electronics and electronic appliances. Motherboards are no exemption. Technology is ever evolving, and different firms are doing what it takes to cope with the revolution.

The computer industry is one ever-evolving industry. The industry is on its toes to develop new computer models. Advanced technology has brought new motherboard models and improved versions of analog motherboards. How do consumers identify the best motherboard for their desktops, laptops, or phones? Reading this post means you want to upgrade your system, and you’d wish to know features to look out for when purchasing a computer motherboard. Additionally, the post provides you with a collection of the 5 best motherboards to purchase from AliExpress.


The motherboard controls other parts of an electric device such as the computer. It is the largest circuit board that fits into the computer case, and all other components are housed or connected to, including the CPU socket, the memory slots, the bus slots, and the SATA connectors where users plug in their hard drives. It has several input and output interfaces at the rear input-output panel.

Features of a Motherboard

The motherboard is considered the biggest body in a computer frame and often has the best components. This body allows communication between other computer components. The following are features of a motherboard.

Form Factor

This refers to the physical size and shape of circuit boards in motherboards. It gives room for more connectors, slots, and components. The size of the form factor is dependent on the system one wants to build, for example, a small form factor = 9.6-inch ATX. Additionally, the form factor helps in booting the computer and bringing it to life.

ATX is the common form factor used in PC motherboards today. The full-size ATX motherboard is 12 BY 9.6 inches.

Processor Socket

A processor socket is a physical connection between the computer and the motherboard. Note that it has to be compatible with the CPU. The most common processor socket is LG1150. These sockets help the computer to work fast by allowing data and power to be transmitted between the motherboard and the CPU.

AMD and Intel are the major manufacturers of processor sockets, and they have different designs that target several users’ needs, such as computing, gaming, and high-end desktop (HEDT).

PCI slots

Short for Peripheral component interconnect (PCI), is an interface device that integrates tools in the motherboard, thus, providing space for components to increase their capacity. The components include modems, graphic cards, and sound cards. The connectors are internal and external and help boost the motherboard performance.

Memory Bus Speed

It connects the CPU to the northbridge, this betters the performance of the computer. Also, it helps users feel good working with the system.


It is essential in the booting process of a computer to manage the outside operating environment of the device before booting up. Additionally, it governs the integrated components and controls the boot device.

5 Best Motherboards to Buy from AliExpress

The following is a collection of the best motherboards to purchase from AliExpress:

B250 BTC Mining Motherboard

It is ideal for gaming. This motherboard supports the 6th- 7 the generation LGA1151, CORE I5, and core i3.

The B250 BTC motherboard enhances performance using point-to-point links that increase bandwidth and stability. Additionally, it has 12 PCI express slots. However, it does not have HDMI.

This motherboard is compatible with several computer systems such as Windows.

Other properties of B250 BTC include 16 slots for gaming and mining and 2 memory slots.

Cheap B250 BTC Mining Motherboard from AliExpress

B75 Mining Motherboard

This motherboard is tiny and self-contained and is compatible with Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium.


Below are some of its properties:

  • It has an inbuilt power button.
  • It is designed for mining and it is easy to build.
  • Its M-SATA connector is faster and more stable compared to traditional mechanical hard drives.
  • It has both HDMI and VGA slots.

BIOS is enabled due to the mining mode. Also, it detects the graphic card on the boot and starts to mine.

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Compatible with the LGA 1155 CPU and is ideal for the mining industry.


The motherboard has the following:

  • It is low-priced compared to other motherboards.
  • This motherboard has an expansion interface and an HDMI slot.
  • It has 2 memory slots.
  • USB slots
  • Graphics interface
  • BIOS

For Supermicro Workstation Motherboard

For Supermicro Workstation Motherboard is designed on the 22 nm tech node. it has a base clock speed of 2.60 GHz and a maximum clock speed in turbo boost of 3.30 GHz. The processor is ideal for office systems.


Below are some of the properties:

  • 10 cores and 20 threads
  • Compatible with the FCLGA 2011- 3 processor
  • It has 4 memory cards and 2CPU sockets
  • And it supports DDR 4

B 75 BTC Mining Motherboard

Ideal for gaming, office, and mining computer. The B 75 BTC uses solid capacitors making the motherboard stable and improving its performance.

Herein are its properties:

  • Supports LGA 1155 CPU socket
  • It uses the B 75 chipset for full capacity CPU performance
  • Its memory supports DDR3 RAM
  • It has 8 GPU s
  • It has an M- SATA plug
  • Has an external power button
  • Integrated graphics are HDMI and VGA
  • Has the ability to be powered by ATX or 6 PCI pin connectors
  • It is a 1 st – 2nd generation core series


Motherboards can be termed as the computer’s backbone. They are an integral part of any computing system. The features below will guide consumers when buying the best motherboard. AliExpress is the best marketplace. This online shop provides the product description and offers a reasonable price for the product. Additionally, it provides the best packaging and is efficient in delivery.

Consumers should note that each motherboard described above is ideal for specific functions, and it is important to identify the right motherboard for certain tasks.

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