Graphic cards have recently become popular in PCs and laptops for intensive gaming for crispier 3D images, mining cryptocurrency, and mathematical computation. AliExpress is an online platform where users can buy graphic cards for different purposes and according to their preferences. This article discusses some features individuals should look for and the 5 best graphic cards to purchase from AliExpress.

What are Graphic Cards

In layman’s language, a graphic card is a mini computer inside your computer with its processing unit, the GPU, Graphic Processing Unit. This is the brain of the graphics card, and it has a specialized electronic circuit that alters and manipulates the computer’s memory to create images. Graphic cards use vector graphics to create 3D images by plotting coordinates in graphics. These image representations represent what is happening in the imaginary world.

The major manufacturers of Graphic cards include NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel which integrate GPU into the CPU. Due to the ever-changing graphics, especially in gaming, these cards are generated every 1-2 years.

Features or Specs of Graphic cards

Below are some of the features of graphic cards:

Video RAM (V-RAM)

This is the GPUs graphic memory, containing features such as resolution and texture quality that affect its performance. That is, the higher the resolution and graphical settings, the more VRAM you need.

Resolution determines the number of pixels that appear on the screen. More pixels give crispier images. The standard number of pixels is 1920 by 1080, while 4K UHD requires 3840 by 2160, which is 4 times the number of the standard pixel in graphic cards.

However, there is a new technology known as High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). It is a type of memory for these cards that requires less storage.

To determine V-RAM performance for gaming, users should consult the Real-World Game BenchMarks. This benchmark uses Frames Per Second (FPS). Fps is the number of images on screen per second. The higher the number, the better.

Stream Processors

They are mainly manufactured by AMD or NVIDIA and are referred to as CUDA cores. They perform graphic computations to produce images on the screen. Also, they perform other tasks such as complex mathematical computations and mining in cryptocurrency.

It is important to note that they cannot be compared between brands due to design differences.

Clock speed

It calculates the speed of the stream processors. High speeds mean that the cards perform tasks faster. Clock speed is relative to each GPU clock speed and comparable to other brands.

5 Best Graphic Cards to Buy from AliExpress

The following is a collection of the best graphic cards to buy from AliExpress:

AMD Athlon X4 760K 760K

AMD Athlon X4 760 K is designed to help businesses increase their productivity. The item supports up to four displays. Additionally, the graphic card is equipped with 4k resolution support, making it perfect for digital signage in a cooperative office. AMD Radeon AMD Athlon X4 760 K allows you to convert your system into a marketing or trading powerhouse. With AMD Athlon X4 760 K, you don’t need additional, making a perfect card for both small and full-sized systems.

Due to its small form factor card size and brackets for both SFF and regular ATX cases, AMD Athlon X4 760 K is the perfect card for common business and personal systems on the current markets.


  • AMD Athlon X4 760K has several incredible features, including:
  • Single-slot with 4 mini DisplayPort
  • High-speed memory – 4 GB with higher bandwidth memory for lag-free content.
  • Low power, using only 50 watts of power
  • HD Audio
  • Multi-monitor


The following are advantages of AMD Athlon X4 760 K

  • It is arguably the cheapest AMD GPU.
  • It is ideal for gaming due to its crispier images.
  • This card has 4 GB and a resolution that can be adjusted.
  • It has a balance between quality and performance.
  • Supports up to four displays with 4K resolutions
  • User-friendly/beginner friendly
  • Cost-effective in terms of electricity bills
Cheap AMD Athlon X4 760K Graphic Card from AliExpress

ASUS 100% New TUF Gaming GeForce rtx3080 Ti

ASUS 100% New TUF Gaming GeForce rtx3080 Ti is a small mini-ITX graphic card for SFF gaming PCs. The tool is designed on the newer 6nm TSMC process node.


The following are some of the tool’s advantages:

  • It is the best for gaming.
  • It has the following outstanding features:
  • Axial fan tech design- its fans are smaller with longer blades that facilitate better airflow in the cooling system.
  • It also has an aluminum shroud and metal that enhances durability.
  • It has a 2.7 slot design that expands the cooling surface to utilize the axial tech fans.

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This card has multi-stream processors designed with 2nd Gen RT cores that give twice the input of 1st Gen RT cores. With its GPU tweak, the processors deliver an intuitive performance, tweaking thermal controls and system monitoring.

Yeston RTX3060-12G D6 LB Gaming Graphics Card

It has high Frames Per second that make it ideal for high-definition gaming.

GT 730 2G

This graphic card has a unique fan design that lets out efficiently, thus increasing the card’s lifespan by 25%.

Its cards come with 384 CUDA cores and a clock speed of 902 MHZ. Additionally, it has multiple connectors such as HDMI, DVI output, and D.sub output.

Note that graphic cards consume a lot of electricity, so it is important to choose graphic cards for the intended purposes. For example, Gaming PCs will require cards with higher resolution, which translates to a higher cost of electricity. In contrast, PCs used for computational purposes do not require cards with very high resolutions.


Graphic cards were popular for gaming, but they have now evolved and are being used in other areas, such as hospitals, to make 3D image presentations of various anatomical studies. Additionally, they are now used in the field of architecture for images and graphical computations. This latest development has led Ali express to provide consumers with various Graphic cards. Individuals must make an order, provide a shipping address, and make a down payment for the products to be shipped. Also, consumers can now track their orders.

Up to 70% Discount on AliExpress

Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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