CPU is short for Central Processing Unit; it determines the amount of data a computer can handle at once and how fast it relays the data. AliExpress is a Chinese online-based shop with several CPUs users can choose from. The product is then shipped for delivery after payment is made. This blog explores the main features of a CPU and the best 5 CPUs one can buy from AliExpress.

What is CPU

CPU is the main electronic circuit processor, performing tasks such as input and output, mathematics computation, and logic. New models of CPU have integrated circuit processors with more than one CPU, they are also called multiprocessors. These multiprocessors make the computer more effective since many data can be synthesized simultaneously.

CPU Features

Below are the features of a CPU:

Control Unit 

The control unit is a feature in the CPU that directs the processor’s operations. That is, it communicates with the computer’s memory and input on how to synthesize and respond to the processor’s commands. Additionally, it controls signals and time.


Cores are two or more separate processing units.

For the CPU to work efficiently, multiple cores are ideal. The cores are integrated, then they split the CPUs tasks making it faster. However, cores must be compatible with the computer system required.


The cache is the computer’s temporary memory. It retrieves files in the CPU cache, the larger the cache, the more storage of quick retrieval files.

CPU Sockets

CPU sockets should be compatible with the CPU and the motherboard.

Integrated Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Integrated GPU basically is GPU that is inbuilt into the CPU to effectively handle graphics such as 3D and also perform calculations based on graphics.

The GPU complements the CPU by reducing power consumption and allowing for lighter systems.

Computers used for graphics software should have an integrated GPU frequency.

Thermal Design Power

The CPU generates heat; however, the thermal design power determines how much heat the processor lets out, thus, affecting the cooling of the CPU.

Overheating is the leading cause of computer damage.

TDP is measured using watts.

Voltage Regulator Module

The voltage regulator module balances power consumption and the performance of the CPU. Modern CPUs have integrated this module to regulate demand voltage supply.

Types of CPU

Below are the types of CPU processors 

Single core CPU

This is the oldest process and is common in office and personal computers. The single-core processor can only perform one task at a time, and multiple loading commands will slow down its performance. This type of CPU performance can be measured using clock speed.

Dual-core CPU

The dual-core processor can run multiple functions simultaneously but for it to be effective, it should be integrated with multiple threading technologies.

Quad-core CPU

Quad-core CPU is one of the modern CPUs used by gamers and 3D graphic designers. This core can divide tasks on the 4 cores from a single CPU. It is effective for multitasking, and the information is relayed faster and simultaneously. New model PCs have this type of CPU. 

5 Best CPUs to Buy from AliExpress

The following are 5 best CPUs to buy from Aliexpress:  

AMD Athlon X4 760K 760K

AMD Athlon X4 760 K is designed to help businesses increase their productivity. The item supports up to four displays. Additionally, the graphic card is equipped with 4k resolution support, making it perfect for digital signage in a cooperative office. AMD Radeon AMD Athlon X4 760 K allows you to convert your system into a marketing or trading powerhouse. With AMD Athlon X4 760 K, you don’t need additional, making a perfect card for both small and full-sized systems.

Due to its small form factor card size and brackets for both SFF and regular ATX cases, AMD Athlon X4 760 K is the perfect card for common business and personal systems on the current markets.


  • AMD Athlon X4 760K has several incredible features, including:
  • Single-slot with 4 mini DisplayPort
  • High-speed memory – 4 GB with higher bandwidth memory for lag-free content.
  • Low power, using only 50 watts of power
  • HD Audio
  • Multi-monitor


The following are advantages of AMD Athlon X4 760 K

  • It is arguably the cheapest AMD GPU.
  • It is ideal for gaming due to its crispier images.
  • This card has 4 GB and a resolution that can be adjusted.
  • It has a balance between quality and performance.
  • Supports up to four displays with 4K resolutions
  • User-friendly/beginner friendly
  • Cost-effective in terms of electricity bills
Cheap AMD Athlon X4 760K CPU from AliExpress

AMD Athlon 760 k

AMD Athlon 760 k is an AMD desktop processor. The processor is designed with 4 cores and 4 threads. The machine is based on the Richland 32nm family


  • it has 4 CPU cores and 4 threads
  • 4 MB cache memory
  • No integrated graphics
  • Compatible with the FM2 CPU socket 

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Original Intel Pentium Dual Core Mobile CPU processor

This processor model was introduced in 1993. The machine uses a 64-bit internal bus, and advancement from 32-bit. The machine delivers high performance after overclocking at a low price.


The processor has fewer incredible features, including:

  • It has a single-core processor and 1MB cache
  • Intel Pentium core is a 3rd generation processor
  • 2 memory channels and TDP of 35 watts

And what’s more interesting is that the processor is compatible with the DDR3 memory type.

Intel Xeon E 5 2620 v3 

Intel Xeon E 5 2620 v3 is a desktop processor aimed at the office system. The processor comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. It is designed based on 22 nm manufacturing tech with up to 3200 MHz frequency.

Intel Core i5 3570 processor i5 -3570 3.4GHz/ 6MB LGA 1155 CPU Processor

Intel Core i5 3570 processor i5 -3570 3.4GHz/ 6MB LGA 1155 CPU Processor is perfect for working order. The machine operates multiple programs at once without slackening the system.


The following are some of the Intel Xeon’s features:

  • Total cores -6 
  • 15 MB cache
  • Has a Thermal Design power of 95 watts
  • It has 12 threads and runs at a clock speed of 2.1 GHz
  • It is ideal for gaming


CPUs are an integral part of any computer. With new technology, CPUs are changing from single cores to multiple cores to increase the effectiveness of the computer. AliExpress is an online platform where consumers can buy various CPUs. The advantage of shopping on this platform is that there is an item description that exhaustively describes the item is about to buy. Why does AliExpress? It is a globally competitive company that is committed to providing clients with products that are reasonably priced. Additionally, in the case of electronics and electronic appliances, the platform conducts testing before shipping and offers a warranty on the products bought. Moreover, AliExpress has a professional service team that ensures seamless workflow.

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