Laser engraving machines provide inclusive possibilities. These amazing machines are multifaceted compared to router engravers and milling machines. They can quickly customize wooden materials, glasses, and ceramic objects. The tools are user-friendly and provide abilities to make different ideas and products within minutes. Additionally, laser engraving machines are compatible with all graphic design software.

Best Laser Engraving Machines

Laser engraving machines work similarly to office printers. So, they make work easier. The machines work in three simple steps. You simply need to choose the design and print. You’ll then need to configure the machine with speed and power settings and click the “GO” button. Laser brand provides several alternatives. And here are what you can purchase on AliExpress:

Sculpfun S9 90W Laser Engraving Machine

SCULPFUN S9 90W is another laser engraving machine based on 5.5W technology diode laser. The machine has an ultra-fine 0.06*0.06mm sharp compressed laser focus spot with 0.01mm engraving accuracy. Additionally, it has a perfect cutting penetration, allowing it to cut up to 15mm thick materials.

Engraving materials include wood, paper, cardboard, plastic PCB board, aluminium oxide, stainless steel, ceramic, stone, and more. Cutting materials include wood, bamboo, plastic, board, etc.

Features & Advantages

The following are features and advantages of having a SCULPFUN S9 90W laser engraving machine:

Safety Protection

The machine features a cover that can filter up to 98% UV light. So you don’t need goggles to protect your eyes. The power switch allows you to turn on or off the machine easily. It also features an A4 size steel pad, which shields the table against laser damage and isolates fire hazards.


SCULPFUN S9 90W laser engraving machine is compatible with nearly all mature engraving software such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, and more. It’s also compatible with the Windows system and engraving file formats such as JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP, and more.

Sculpfun S9 90W Laser Engraving Machine from AliExpress

Atomstack P7 M30 30W Laser Engraving Machine

Atomstack P7 M30 30W Laser engraver is one of the top leading laser engraving machines. The engraver is designed based on modern technology. The engraver features a 4-fold lens group and collimation. Additionally, it has a 5W laser in a tiny spot of 0.02mm². The machine is also designed with a considerable laser power density, allowing you to engrave on stainless steel metals and ceramics with sizeable details.

Features & Advantages

ATOMSTACK P7 M30 30W Laser engraver has incredible features to deliver great benefits. Here are the advantages of having the tool:

Advanced safe protection

The machine features a new flame retardant panoramic glass that protects the eye against ultraviolet rays. Also, with this feature, you don’t need to spend on goggles.

Easy to assemble

You can assemble the machine within five minutes as some components have been pre-assembled. The pre-fixed-focus laser doesn’t require zooming effort. The only thing you need to do is to adjust the nob for the required laser module height.
The 200*200mm open-frame has a perfect working area, hence you can easily place the object with less limitation.

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Daja Laser Engraver CNC DIY DJ6

DAJA DJ6 is one of the smallest and cheapest laser engraving machines. The machine comes with an app designed for iOS and android. The app also supports Mac and Windows machines. The application allows you to load and send images directly to the laser for cutting.

Features & Advantages

The following are few features and advantages of DAJA DJ6:

Great laser caving ability

DAJA DJ6 has a unique base design for engraving stability and safety for the user. It’s made from aluminium and ABS, making it powerful and lightweight. These properties make the machine more potable. DAJA DJ6 is equipped with a 3000mW laser head module for efficiency and faster engraving.

Engraves a wide variety of materials

DAJA DJ6 allows you to engrave a wide variety of materials, including:

Painted metal

The machine can engrave metals, especially aluminium oxide. However, the metal surface must be coated, and the metal must not be natural. Engraver can achieve the pattern effect by laser burning the coating on the surface.

Transparent glass

Glass and ceramics can be engraved just as the pet ID tags. And what’s more interesting is that the package includes laser engraving paper.

Other engraving materials include bamboo, cardboard, plastics, and more.

Advanced protection

The machine features anti-slip legs to prevent unintentional collision caused by movement. This feature enhances the steadiness of the machine when carving. Additionally, DAJA DJ6 is equipped with in-built eyes protection lens fans.

Four laser engraver modes

DAJA DJ6 comes with four working modes. With that, you can choose between black & white & Grayscale & outline & sketch. These four modes can perfect your engraving and personalize all your patterns.

Easy to connect

DAJA DJ6 can be connected in several methods. It’s compatible with the Windows system. Additionally, it can be connected with K5 via the mobile phone and use the self-designed mobile app to engrave photos and logos you want. What I loved the most about this engraving machine is that you can engrave offline. This is good news for those without a PC or mobile.

Twotrees Laser Engraver 7.5W/20W

Twotrees is a laser engraving machine with 10W output and 450mm*450mm engraving size. It’s a perfect tool for larger projects with a wide variety of materials.

Features & Advantages

Twotrees laser engraver has a few features and advantages, including:

Autofocus design

The machine is intelligently designed to focus the laser spot automatically for perfect engraving results.

Large laser

With a large laser, the engraver can easily work on large-sized objects such as baseball bats, skateboards, etc.

Laser Engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro

Here is the last laser engraving machine in my collection. Laser engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro has 3000mW laser power, making it faster and more robust than other portable engravers. It can easily engrave on hard surfaces, giving you the necessary perfection.

Features & Advantages

Laser engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro has a few features and advantages, including:

Easy to connect. Smart control

The device can be connected via BT to connect your mobile phone (android or iOS). Once you’ve selected, you’ll choose your preferred design in the app and get started. The machine can also be connected to the window or Mac computer via USB.


Laser engraver WAINLUX K6 Pro has an enclosed body design. The body is protected from any external or environmental damage. The device is portable, making it easier to engrave from anywhere.


Laser engraving machines are the perfect tools currently on the market. Laser brand uses rare modern ideas to design incredible engraving and cutting machines. The good thing is that nearly all these machines are available on AliExpress. The above-discussed engraving tools are the cheapest yet perfect alternatives you can get on the AliExpress platform.

Up to 70% Discount on AliExpress

Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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