Walkie-talkies are an excellent way to stay in contact with your friends and family while you’re out on the water. They’re also ideal for use at campsites, hunting trips, or even just around the house if there’s no cell service. These handy devices can also be used as two-way radios in any situation where you’d need a clear line of communication between multiple people.

Walkie-talkies offer all the benefits of old-school handheld radios but are also friendly with modern technology (usually cheaper than expensive satellite phones).

Whether you’re looking for something basic or more advanced with features like digital encryption, we’ve got your back—we’ve found some of the best walkie-talkies available on AliExpress.

The best walkie talkies to buy on AliExpress

UT- 008 Mini Walkie Talkie

The UT-008 Mini Walkie-Talkie is the cheapest on AliExpress going for $129.08. These walkie-talkies are great for kids but can also be used by adults and come in a pair.

This is a simple walkie-talkie, but it has some great features. It is lightweight and easy to use. It comes with a belt clip so you can put it on your belt when you are out and about. There are three channels available so that multiple people can communicate at once without interference from each other. Additionally, it has a talk distance of 200 to 500 m up to your local signal.

The product is made of plastic, which means that it is not very durable and may not stand up to rough use. However, this is not a problem if you buy the walkie-talkie for children or teenagers who are likely to handle it gently. This device has a long-range, making it ideal for outdoor use in remote areas where there may be no cell phone coverage.


Cheapest Walkie Talkie to Buy on AliExpress - UT- 008 Mini Walkie Talkie

DP4801e GPS two Way Radio XPR7550e digital radios 

If you’re looking for some walkie-talkies to keep in touch with your pals on the trail, then it’s probably worth spending a little more and investing in a pair that will last.

The Motorola XPR7550e is a two-way radio that’s made by a well-known name in the telecommunications industry. This product is compatible with other Motorola radios, so if you already have some two-way radios, you can add this one to your collection.

The XPR7550e has many features that make it a good choice for anyone looking for walkie-talkies. It has an extended range of up to 10km, its battery capacity is 2000mAh Li-ion, and it lasts up to approximately 16 hours on standby mode. These are some of the reasons why it’s one of the most expensive walkie-talkies available on AliExpress costing $1121.45 without shipping charges.

Up to 70% Discount on AliExpress

Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

Baofeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie 

You can find the best quality walkie-talkies at the best price on AliExpress, where many manufacturers offer them at different price points. The best price will depend on what features you’re looking for in your walkie-talkie unit, like longer battery life or more channels or range.

The Baofeng BF-888S Walkie-Talkie is the best quality walkie-talkie for the best price. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pair of affordable, entry-level walkie-talkies. The set comes with two handheld radios and a charging base, so you can charge them while you’re away from home.

The Baofeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie has an FM radio and built-in flashlight, which are neat features that come in handy when camping or hiking at night. This walkie-talkie is very popular with young people and those who want to take their communication to the next level. It has a dual channel function and a built-in loudspeaker so you can use it anywhere without any problem.

You can save up to 16  channels on this device, so you don’t have to change them when you go out or travel elsewhere. If someone calls you while you are listening to a song, this device will stop playing sounds automatically and let you hear what the caller wants to say.

This device has three buttons: PTT (push-to-talk), Volume Up/Down, and Power On/Off buttons, making it very easy to use. The package contains a Baofeng radio, a Li-ion battery pack, a charger, a belt clip, a slingshot, and a user manual. It goes for $48.03 on AliExpress, and you can order additional accessories.

Things to consider before buying a walkie talkie

The walkie-talkie is the best way to keep in contact with your friends, family, and co-workers. It has many benefits; it is portable, affordable, and easy to use. The only problem is that there are so many different types of walkie-talkies out there that it can be troublesome to decide which one suits you.

Before you buy a new walkie-talkie, there are several things that you should consider:

The first thing that you should consider is the price of the walkie-talkie. Walkie-talkies come in all different price ranges; some are more expensive than others. If you have a tight budget and want something reasonable, you may want to purchase one of these lower-priced units. However, if money isn’t an issue for you, then feel free to spend more on a higher-quality model.

The next thing that you should think about when buying a new walkie-talkie is the range of the unit. If you need long-range coverage, then look for units with greater transmit power or better antennas. On average most units have ranges between three miles and five miles depending on terrain, obstructions, and weather conditions, but these can vary greatly based on the model, so make sure to inquire before purchasing it.

The other thing that you should consider when buying a new walkie-talkie is the size. You will want to get a walkie that is sizeable enough to fit in your pocket or bag but one that is large enough to easily use one hand.

The next thing that you will want to consider is the battery life. You will want to ensure that your new walkie-talkie has a long battery life so that you don’t have to worry about charging it constantly.

You will also want to ensure that the walkie-talkie has some signal strength indicator, so you know when your call is going through and when it isn’t. This helps prevent dropped calls and can save time when trying to communicate with someone else who may not be close by.


Using walkie-talkies is a fantastic method to communicate and an excellent gift for kids, and they don’t require a smartphone or any other device to use them. 

There are hundreds of different models of walkie-talkies available today, but some are better than others. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs.

Up to 70% Discount on AliExpress

Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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