Creating an AliExpress account is simple and many times we just choose to use a random email instead of one that we use on a frequent basis. Needless to say, if you do that, it becomes a problem, because you want to change the email quickly to one that you actually have access to. Not only that, but if you lost your previous email, that also becomes a nuisance, and it’s a great idea to try and solve the problem quickly if you can.

Can you change your current AliExpress email?

The short answer here is yes. You are allowed to change the AliExpress email if you want, however you will need to make sure that you verify it. In fact, you can also change the password as you see fit. There’s definitely a great experience here since you are allowed to customize everything the way you want, without any type of problems. That alone goes to show the value you can obtain and how it all adds together.

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How can you change the AliExpress email?

  • The first thing you want to do is to go to My AliExpress/Account Settings/Modify preferences
  • Here you can choose to Change my Email address
    You will need to verify your account. This will send an email message with a 6-digit verification code. If it’s not in the inbox, you will have it in Junk or Spam, so try to check there.
  • After you verified the current email, you will be asked to enter the new email account. Your email should not be registered with another AliExpress account, otherwise it will not work.
  • If the email is indeed new, you will receive the code and then you can change the email address. Request the verification code, add it to that page and then you will be good to go.

Can you only recover the password?

Yes, if you lost the password but you know the email, you just go to the login page. Here you can click on Forgot your Password and AliExpress will ask you to verify that the account is yours. They will send you a verification code to the email and then you can change the password once everything is verified and adapted to your own requirements. The most important aspect with the AliExpress account changes is that you can make them the way you see fit. You can’t choose an email that’s already in use, but other than that, you do have quite a bit of freedom here.


As you can see, changing the email of your AliExpress account is possible. It’s not something recommended to do often, however it can be done as needed. Which is why you want to ensure that it all works exactly the way you expect, and in the end the benefits can be very impressive. We recommend taking your time and assessing these menus, then you can use them without a problem. Rest assured that the entire process is convenient and professional, and you can do it on your own.

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Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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