While many orders on AliExpress work exactly the way you want, there are also situations when an order goes bad. Either you don’t receive the item, or you receive something else, maybe you do get it and it was damaged. Regardless, this can be a problem, and that’s exactly the thing to take into consideration. You always want to ensure that you cancel the order in an appropriate manner, and there are tools to help with that.

Canceling while your order is still checked for payment

If your order was not validated by the seller, you can easily cancel it on your own. You can usually do that within a few minutes once the order is placed. Go to the Orders page, select the order you want to cancel and you just have to press the Cancel Order button. This is great because you will get the refund very fast, which is extremely helpful. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get a refund, and the best thing is that it doesn’t involve any third party.

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Canceling after your payment was confirmed

In case the order was already accepted by the seller, you can go to the same menu, but the difference here is that your seller needs to accept the cancellation. A good idea here is to talk with the seller first, message them and let them know about the current situation. If you state why you want to cancel after you press the Contact Seller button, most sellers will be ok and accept the cancellation. But it is a good idea to share a reason, once you do that, it becomes easier to receive a refund.

What happens when you cancel the order?

If you cancel yourself or the seller accepts your cancellation, that means your money will be refunded. The way this works is that AliExpress processes the payment, so you do have to wait a few days until AliExpress will refund you. On that page you will see Dispute Finished and Refund in Progress. You will see an estimate on when the refund is complete. There are 3 dots, when the refund process reaches that final dot, it means your refund is completed and you should receive the money back.

In case you used a coupon and the entire order was canceled (all the items you used the coupon for were refunded), then you can receive the coupon back. However, if you just had a partial refund for the order (placed an order from multiple sellers and you refunded only from one), then that means you will not receive the promotional code back.


Canceling orders on AliExpress is possible, and you can either do that yourself if the order is freshly placed, or you need to send a cancellation request to the seller, and they have to accept it. Ideally, you want to message the seller, explain to them what happened, and then they are more inclined to accept the cancellation. It’s great to see that AliExpress does allow you to cancel the order if you have any issues, although you are subject to the seller’s acceptance most of the time.

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Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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