There are many times when you want the AliExpress shipping process to be shorter and more convenient. That’s why AliExpress developed a system named Direct Shipping that strives to make the shipping process fast and a lot more convenient. AliExpress Direct Shipping is very efficient and reliable, it brings you a very engaging way to speed up the cross-border shopping experience, and it can be very reliable for customers too.

Who is AliExpress Direct Shipping for?

AliExpress Direct Shipping is not for all customers, it only covers specific regions. At this time, it’s only for customers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. If you use AliExpress Direct Shipping, all the cross-border orders get delivered anywhere from 10 to 20 working days. You have a guarantee that you never wait a huge amount of time for an order, and there are other benefits.

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What benefits are included with AliExpress Direct Shipping?

First of all, you have free shipping. This is a huge deal because many times shipping to the UAE and Saudi Arabia can be very costly. Having the shipping process free of charge is very convenient for customers, and you also have the guarantee it arrives in a maximum of 20 working days, which is always a major plus. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for VAT, this is covered by AliExpress Direct Shipping as well. Both of these are major things that truly make a huge difference.

With AliExpress Direct Shipping you also have non stop live chat too. Which means whenever you encounter any problems, they will offer you all the necessary assistance and support that you may need. On top of that, the courier staff will have complete health checks and packages get sterilized before delivery. That alone is very impressive and it does help eliminate any health related concerns. Not only that, but the shipping process is seamless.

How does AliExpress Direct Shipping work?

  1. First, you need to find products that qualify for AliExpress Direct Shipping, you will see that on the product page.
  2. Once you find such a product or multiple products, add them to cart. Even if they are from different stores, that’s fine. There is a $40 minimum purchase for UAE and a $50 minimum purchase for Saudi Arabia.
  3. If the minimum purchase amount is met, then you will receive your shipping discount right away. Keep in mind that if the shipping discount is not met, you won’t receive the free shipping, so don’t split it into multiple orders if you can’t meet the minimum amount.

Is AliExpress Direct Shipping a great option?

What makes AliExpress Direct Shipping great is the fact that it’s reliable, convenient and easy to adapt to your requirements. On top of that, it comes with amazing features like not paying for VAT or getting free shipping. There are some requirements like a minimum spending requirement, but it’s usually something you will cover anyway if you buy multiple products. That’s why we recommend giving AliExpress Direct Shipping a try if you live in Saudi Arabia or the UAE, because it’s a great option to keep in mind!

Up to 70% Discount on AliExpress

Take advantage of a big discount on many products from AliExpress.

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