An AliExpress Warehouse is a place where you can buy and sell items to other people through the Internet, called “shops”. It is an idea that came from China, and they are now emerging in the United States.

Items that are in an AliExpress Warehouse are stored there by sellers. The warehouse will then proceed to ship out orders made through the warehouse to customers. The items can also be shipped directly from China if the buyer wants.

What is an AliExpress Warehouse?

AliExpress Warehouses only process orders, they do not sell items themselves, and do not control what you buy or sell through them. They are simply intermediaries who help buyers find sellers and sellers find buyers.

You get to research the products online, find sellers that carry what you are looking for, communicate with them through email. After a seller agrees to sell their item, they take your payment in cash or wire transfer. Then, you send the products to a “warehouse” for delivery. This delivery is done by one of two methods: “AirShips” or “SeaShips”.

How do I use one?

When you find an item on their website that is stored in a warehouse near you, you can click on the item and see exactly what is available and what it costs. This way, it gives you more flexibility in ordering from sellers from different locations around the world. You have access to a large number of different sellers who can give you better prices than sites like Amazon or eBay.

You can order directly from sellers in this warehouse, and they will ship to your home, or you can pick up the item at their warehouse. After it is shipped out, you have to wait for it to arrive. During the wait time, if other people are also waiting, then you can buy another item in that same Warehouse. You cannot switch warehouses while an order is being fulfilled though.

AliExpress Ships From

Why should I order from one

If the item is available in a warehouse, I will probably get it faster. On the other hand, if the warehouse has a high volume of orders, it could mean it is very popular and crowded. That could mean I may have to order from another warehouse to get my product sooner rather than later (and hopefully for less cost).

People use it for all sorts of reasons. Some who live in small rural towns will buy items from the warehouse in their nearest town because the items cannot be obtained there. Also, some who live in larger cities might find that it is worth driving some hours to get a specific item instead of looking all over town and not finding anything they like.

AliExpress Warehouses Europe

Some of the warehouses are located in China, but others are located in European countries. One of these warehouses is located in the city of Madrid.

It is a warehouse that accepts orders from Spanish customers who want to buy or sell items. In this warehouse, you can find different brands of clothing, shoes, themes, and accessories. The products are displayed on the website in a searchable way to thousands of products.

You can also find AliExpress warehouses in:

  • AliExpress United Kingdom Warehouse
  • AliExpress Czech Republic Warehouse
  • AliExpress Poland Warehouse
  • AliExpress France Warehouse
  • AliExpress Germany Warehouse
  • AliExpress Italy Warehouse
  • AliExpress Belgium Warehouse

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Benefits of AliExpress Warehouse

  1. The main benefit is that you save on shipping, which can be quite expensive for some items. It is especially useful for small purchases, such as a good book or video game, or large purchases such as kitchenware and hardware.
  2. The second benefit is the exclusivity of the item to your location. You cannot buy an identical product at a cheaper price from another website, since it has to be shipped from a warehouse in that same state or country. Since you are the only one with that item, you can choose to resell it at a higher price.
  3. You can sell items in the yard of AliExpress warehouses to get cash quickly. You are most likely not going to make much on the resale, but at least it pays for the item itself.
  4. You can buy 100 of one item, which can be useful if you need a hundred of that one item or if it is a very cheap item.

How to find AliExpress Warehouses on the Internet?

There are many ways to find warehouses, but the easiest one is to go through a directory of AliExpress shops. A great directory to use is the “Aliexpress Shops”, where you can search by certain criteria, such as Location, shipping country, etc.

How is an AirShip different than a SeaShip?

When using an AirShip, the warehouse ships your order using a courier such as DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. The cost of the AirShip is higher than it would be if you were to use a SeaShip. It may take 3-4 days to arrive at your home as well. A SeaShip takes longer to arrive but costs less money and maybe at a lesser risk of being damaged in shipment.


The alternatives are to buy the item locally or to go to a cheaper store. Some people opt to go online shopping, which is another option. It is better if you know what you are looking for in advance so that it is easier to find the same product at a cheaper price. You can also research online before going online at stores that have a good reputation for providing quality products, and avoiding products that do not meet your standards.

AliExpress Warehouse vs. Traditional Shopping

When you buy from an AliExpress Warehouse, you are paying to have someone else do all the work. You will get a product that is 100% of what you ordered. However, if it takes too long to receive your order, which can happen because of the shipping distance and method chosen, the buyer has no recourse or compensation.

AliExpress Warehouses are designed for you to buy products that require extra effort or time in searching out and contacting sellers. You will usually be paying more than if you buy the item directly from China.

If an AliExpress warehouse gives you a product that is not exactly what you wanted, then it is up to the seller to refund your money. The warehouse has no responsibility for this, even though they are the middleman in the situation.

Warehouses also give buyers time to research their orders and then, if unsatisfied, cancel their order with no penalty. This can also be challenging because many warehouses charge a cancellation fee.

If an AliExpress warehouse is not as friendly or knowledgeable as you would like, you have the ability to change to a different one. You can even choose one that speaks your language!

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